"How long is the NST anti-slip treatment good for?"

The treatment is done once, and with adequate maintenance its effect can last many years. It is not a coating, so it does not peel off, but becomes an integral part of the surface. Tests done by international standards institutions show that the treatment does increase friction, reduces wear and tear and that, as a result, the tile lasts longer.

"I like the way my tiled floor looks. Will the NST treatment discolor it?"

Definitely not! The treatment has no effect on the tiles' external appearance!

This treatment is unique in allowing 12 degrees of roughening. The degree is determined beforehand on basis of preliminary tests done by a professional team to find the right balance between the required level of friction and the design of the treated surface.

"How can I tell if the flooring I chose needs NST treatment?"

You should ascertain whether your surface is prone to slipping by wetting it a little and examining its slipperiness. This test must be done when the surface is slightly wet, because dry surfaces are never slippery!

"I bought ceramic floor tiles for the house interior, and I have plenty left. Can I use them to pave outdoor surfaces (yard, pathway, parking)?"

No, outdoor flooring must be non-slip! Outdoor tiles must be treated with NST!